Password Vault



Our new app feature has arrived! Are you fed up with trying to remember passwords or generate strong login credentials?

With a matter of clicks, Password Vault can help resolve this problem by allowing you to generate, store and import into one centralized location.

Simply remember the Master Password and gain access to all of your details and never lose a password again.

All passwords are stored locally and encrypted with TDES (Triple DES) and the master password with SHA256 cipher. This makes it inaccessible to anyone unless they know the master password, even if your device is lost or stolen.

Please note, if you forget your Master Password, there is no way for us to get it back or gain access to all of the other passwords!


Here is how to start using your Password Vault:


  • Create a master password at the first time you are using it. Please make sure that you will remember it as there is no way to recover it in case you forget what it is!


  • Import your other passwords from web browsers.


  • Manage your passwords



Here are some basic functions that can help you with managing your Vault:


 View your password

 Copy your password

 Edit your password

 Delete your password

 Add new password

 Change Master Password